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Adela Delso
3 min readNov 9, 2020

One of the biggest challenges that digital marketers face is representing, combining, and centralizing data from different sources in a single report or marketing information system. In general, we are forced to assemble Excels by hand to cross data from different platforms, but isn’t this frustrating, imperfect and inefficient?

There are many tools that try to solve this problem and that also help represent data in an attractive way. Many of them work well and allow integrations with a lot of tools. Supermetrics is the most known because it is very complete but, as a former user, I’ve encountered some big flaws like its prices or the almost inexistant customer support that have make me look for alternatives.

Nowadays, in my opinion, the best service to generate an online marketing information system in the cloud is for Google Sheets. It’s an add-on that allows you to collect data from various services and save them in a spreadsheet. They are still in beta but already have enough functionalities to help you make good ppc reports and, it is free until they launch it globally on January 2021!

The most powerful thing about Dataslayer is that you get the raw tabulated data and can work with it however you want. If you have basic knowledge of Excel and know how to make dynamic charts and tables, you will know how to work with Dataslayer in 5 minutes.

PPC report with

Right now it connects with Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, DV360, Microsoft Advertising, Criteo and DCM. But this list will keep growing. They have a voting system so users can request and vote for the API they want to be integrated next.

The developers are basing all the improvements and upgrades on their user’s feedback. That is why they have a customer support team that is always available, always eager to help and study any new development requested by the users. They have integrated a live chat on the add-on as well as a support page on their website from where you can make any suggestions, report bugs or check their roadmap and see all the progress they are making and what they have planned next. For example, Data Studio will be implemented at the end of this year so users will soon be able to make ppc reports with Data Studio if they like it better than Google Sheets.

Why Dataslayer is a super digital marketing reporting tool?

  • You can do whatever you want with it: for example, something I always do is calculate the CPC of Facebook Ads campaigns with a formula (cost divided per click), without extracting it directly from the tool. Because a CPC of 0.01 is not the same as one of 0.0056.
  • You can refresh all queries, schedule them and even import queries from Supermetrics.
  • It is very easy to use and you only need a Google account.
  • Once it is launched, it will have very economic plans and no limit on reports.

It is true that it still is in beta but seeing what they have so far, I think it is an advantage. Not only because you can already make great free ppc reports that save you both time and money, but also because you can really talk with the developers and try help them make the tool that all marketers have been waiting for.

You can get more info or download the add-on here: